PURPOSE: To assist patients with getting in touch with the provider to resolve the issue they are having with their prescription. 

CAUSE: The client creates a ticket relating to their prescription issue. This may include patient stating their pharmacy not receiving their prescription, dosage changes, or pharmacy changes. This could include a variety of other things, however, customer support cannot handle prescription issues. We can only notify the provider and the messaging assistant at this point. 

TICKET TYPE: Doesn't Receive RX/ Other RX Issues, Pharmacy Change, and sometimes, Client Complaints

(How to handle prescription issues)


  1. WORKFLOW: Step-by-Step Guide
  2. SUGGESTED CANNED RESPONSES: Suggested Responses for the ticket type (IF NEEDED)
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  1. ALWAYS follow the 48-hour rule when notifying providers/assistants in Trillian, if you are unsure if this applies to that certain ticket, please reach out. If the patient reaches out, and it has been less than 48 hours since they had their appointment, we can simply send the "Client didn't receive prescription" canned response. Be sure to edit the response as you see fit.
    You can also advise them to message their provider directly in the patient portal if they haven't done so when you reviewed their IntakeQ account. 
  2. Depending on the provider at the time, you may also send the "prescription request" canned form. See below:
    Inside the ticket when you are responding:
    You will then get a pop-and can select the prescription request form:
    Once selected, it will look like this:
    Most of the time, you do not want to send it like this, please ensure you edit your response as needed.
  3. You will then want to ensure you document the patient initial reach out in the patient portal. This will help us keep a track record of how many times the patient had to reach out to have their prescription issue addressed by their provider. This is extremely important.
  4. Be sure to create yourself a task in IntakeQ and a To-Do on the ticket itself, to message the support channel and follow up on the account if needed once it has been 48 hours.
  5. Once you have messaged, you can continue to follow up as needed by creating tasks/to-dos for yourself, the provider, and messaging assistant as you see fit. It is important to document everything you do in the ticket and on the account. Each time the patient reaches out, you must message the support channel and the messaging assistant. You also have the autonomy to reach out to the messaging assistant directly.
  6. As you continue to follow up and the issue does not get resolved or addressed, you will then change the ticket type to "Refund Request" and follow the Refund Protocol. 
  7. See below for other canned responses that are available dependent on the ticket request/situation. 

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Name: Client didn't receive prescription

Response: Thanks for contacting Klarity support. We apologize for the inconvenience regarding your prescription. 
We have reached out directly to your provider so they can resolve this for you. If you do not hear from them within 24-48 hours, please respond to this email to let us know. We will open a case file and take further action. 

We appreciate your patience with us throughout this process. Should you have further questions or concerns, feel free to reply to this email. I am happy to help!

Name: Medical/ prescription-related questions Response: Thank you for your question. Please consult with your provider about medical and prescription-related questions like this in the patient portal. They are the only ones that can provide feedback.

Please be advised to allow 24-48 hours for your provider to check the patient's messages and reply to them. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Name: Prescription Issue

Thank you for letting us know. We have contacted your provider about the prescription. Your provider will help you with it ASAP. 

It could take 1-2 days for the prescribing system to process and for your pharmacy to prepare the medication. We would recommend giving your pharmacy a call before you go and pick it up. 

We have reached out to the provider and alerted them to the urgency of your case. Unfortunately the provider is the only one that can assist you further.  Name: Prescription issue-Region/medication shortage

We're so sorry this is happening! Due to the nature of the Klarity platform, we do not have providers listed by region. Providers on our platform are licensed for your state. 

We have gotten client feedback that switching to another pharmacy may resolve this prescription shortage issue. We recommend reaching out to the new pharmacy ahead of time to confirm they have it in stock for you prior to switching. You can message your provider in the patient portal with the new pharmacy name, address, and phone number and they can send the scripts there.

Unfortunately customer support cannot handle prescription requests directly. We suggest you message your provider in the patient portal so they can give you the appropriate feedback. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.  Name: Prescription not in stock/ provider wont resend

Thanks for contacting Klarity. We're sorry you're having issues filling your medication. Please review the information below if you have not yet received your prescription.  

Please work with your pharmacy directly to ensure your order is placed and you remain in the queue to receive the prescription once they receive stock. Do keep in mind that your provider has a 1 pharmacy-only policy in place and will not send your prescription to another pharmacy if there is a stocking issue.

It is important to note that Klarity is a technology platform for autonomous, independent clinicians to conduct telemedicine online. Please be advised that providers do have sole discretion as to their treatment plans, recommendations, and requirements.

Please note that customer support cannot resolve prescription issues as that can only be done by the provider. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

Name: Prescription not received from provider - 48 hour update

Thanks for contacting Klarity support. 

We apologize for the inconvenience regarding your prescription. We have reached out directly to your provider so they can immediately resolve this for you. If you do not hear from your provider in the next 48 hours please reach back out to let us know. We will open a case file and take further action. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. 

Name: Prescription - Support cannot handle RX requests We realize this situation is not ideal and understand your frustration but we can't handle prescription issues directly in customer support. All prescription requests must be done by the prescribing provider.

Name: Adderall Shortage/ Cannot change pharmacies

Thanks for contacting Klarity. The FDA has officially declared an Adderall shortage. Please be aware that other forms of this medication like extended-release Adderall, and other options like Ritalin, Methylphenidate, Concerta, and Dexedrine are also low in stock at most retail pharmacies as a result. 


As a result, the DEA has restricted practitioners from increasing the supply or transferring these medications to another pharmacy due to shortages. Please work with your provider to determine the best treatment option. You can reach your provider by sending them a message in the patient portal. Patient Portal Login


Name: Important Pharmacy Note

Be advised, it has been reported that CVS, COSTCO, and WALMART pharmacies will not accept prescriptions from a telemedicine provider that does not reside in the same geographical location as the patient. Pharmacies are getting more strict on controlled substance scripts and we are not sure why barriers are being put in place. Nonetheless, there are many pharmacies that do. 

If you have a good relationship with CVS, Costco, or Walmart and you want to give them a go, be sure you first talk with your pharmacist to see if they will support telemedicine scripts that are from a provider who is out of your specific area. 

Some Options: 

1. You can also check with a local private pharmacy to see if they will support.

2. If you have an ALTO pharmacy in your area they are a good resource, often help clients with prior authorizations and they provide delivery services. You can google ALTO pharmacy to see if they are in your area or deliver to your area. 

3. If you are a KAISER patient, Kaiser has been supportive of telemedicine patients thus far so my recommendation is that you provide your Kaiser pharmacy information on the intake below if you have Kaiser insurance.

4. Thus far, Walgreens and Rite Aid have been supportive. But they too sometimes reject. 

5. If you have prescription mail benefits, we can try mail in pharmacy scripts for you. You will need to inquire with your insurance company who the mail benefits are supported by - i.e: Ingenio Rx, CVS Caremark, Optum RX, etc...There are only a few. Be sure to indicate "Mail In" and who the mail in service is in the space at the end of the intake if you use that option. Also, when choosing a pharmacy, checking with them in advance to see if they support telemedicine scripts from telemedicine providers will save you a lot of time. This is mainly pertaining to CVS, Costco, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Basically the big name brand corporate pharmacies. 

Note, providers and the Klarity platform have no financial ties to any particular pharmacy mentioned here or recommended otherwise. We are simply providing this information as a tool and resource.

Name: Pharmacy Switch

If you would like to switch to another pharmacy, please send a message to your provider in the patient portal with the pharmacy name, address, and phone number. Your provider will help you with it ASAP. We can't handle prescription issues directly in customer support. All prescription requests must be done by the prescribing provider. Thank you!


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