Please review the information below if you have not yet received your prescription.

1. Please ensure you contact your local pharmacy before the appointment to ensure medication availability.
2. Please work with your pharmacy directly to ensure your order is placed and you remain in the queue to receive the prescription once they receive stock. Do keep in mind that your provider has a 1 pharmacy-only policy in place and will not send your prescription to another pharmacy if there is a stocking issue.
3. When the prescription is sent by your provider, it may take up to 3 days to reach your pharmacy and for them to fulfill it.

If 3 days have passed since your scheduled service and the pharmacy confirms it was not received, please reach out to customer support again. We will reach out to your provider directly so that she can provide you with an update in the patient portal. Please note that customer support cannot resolve prescription issues as that can only be done by the provider. 

Thank you for your patience and understandingIf you have further questions, please reply to this email, I'm happy to help!