Klarity is an telehealth marketing platform that connects you with licensed mental health professionals for diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression or insomnia. It is available to everyone ages 18+ within the United States (it may be available to youths with parental consent in some states). 

Generally speaking, anyone who is seeking diagnosis and/or treatment for one of these conditions is welcome to use the platform to connect with a licensed professional in their state of legal residency. 

Start by visiting the website and completing our free evaluation. If you are a good fit for a provider on the platform and there is open availability for your state, you will be directed to a booking page to schedule your initial visit. 

On the booking screen you will be prompted to enter payment information. We'll temporarily process a $10 deposit to validate the card and the remaining balance of $139 will be charged 24 hours before the appointment.

However, we understand that telehealth is not a one size fits all solution and there may be some limitations that we encounter along the way. It's best to speak with a clinician about your goals. If it's discovered at any point in time that a provider on the Klarity platform is not a perfect match for your needs, please reach out to our customer support team info@klarityadhd.com and we would be glad to provide you with further assistance.