On rare occasions, practitioners may decide to discontinue offering their services through the Klarity platform.  Klarity itself is a technology platform that allows autonomous, independent practitioners to conduct telemedicine through its services. Klarity does not employ the practitioners or offer services directly.

A practitioner may elect to discontinue their relationship with Klarity at any time, and in those cases, we typically contact the patient(s) affected, and ask whether they would like to be transferred to a new provider.  

When transferring to a new provider, all medical history from the previous provider is transferred over.  An initial appointment is scheduled, and new initial intake forms are sent to the patient. Before this can take place, a consent form needs to be signed so that the available provider can review and evaluate the records. This will help them determine whether or not they can take them on as a patient.

 The appointment itself is discounted $90 from a normal initial visit cost of $149 to a follow-up fee of $59 since the patient has already been using Klarity services.  

A completely new relationship with a new practitioner is established, who reviews the medical history and makes their own determination of an appropriate treatment plan.  It is entirely in the discretion of the medical practitioner to decide whether to accept a patient, to continue or modify treatment, or to change the treatment plan entirely.