If you are currently experiencing ADHD-like symptoms that may include:

  • Short attention span, especially for non-preferred tasks
  • Hyperactivity, which may be physical, verbal, and/or emotional
  • Impulsivity, which may manifest as recklessness
  • Fidgeting or restlessness
  • Disorganization and difficulty prioritizing tasks
  • Poor time management and time blindness
  • Frequent mood swings and emotional dysregulation
  • Forgetfulness and poor working memory
  • Trouble multitasking and executive dysfunction
  • Inability to control anger or frustration
  • Trouble completing tasks and frequent procrastination
  • Distractibility
  • Difficulty awaiting turn

or some of these with coexisting symptoms that may relate to other mental health issues (anxiety, depression, etc), we highly suggest you book an appointment with a medical professional at Klarity. This will allow for an evaluation and your provider can help you find solutions to resolve these struggles. Remember, early intervention is the key to treat your mental health disorders.

If you have a special case and are not sure if you are a right fit for online ADHD services, contact Klarity to schedule an appointment to discuss your special circumstances.