Your first 30 days of medication, if prescribed will be issued during your initial appointment.  Issuance of the medication is covered by the $149 initial visit cost.  The cost of your medication itself can be covered by insurance, or discounted by coupon.  30 days after your initial visit, you will be scheduled a follow up appointment.   

Your medications are always separate from the appointment dues, and you will need to pay for the medication at the pharmacy you choose, and in nearly all cases the cost of your medications are covered by your insurance. 

If you do not have insurance, we recommend, which offers discounts on prescription drugs.  

Should you have insurance and would like the cost of your appointment fees covered by your insurance, you may request a superbill from our support staff any time and we're happy to provide you with one.  You may use this to submit to your insurer to reimburse you for out of network costs.