We do not charge subscription or membership fees. The only costs you will incur are for your visits and refill only requests.  These prices are designed to be competitive and less expensive than seeing an in network or in person provider.  

In addition, the cost of your medications, can be covered by your insurance if you are insured. You may also request at any time a "superbill." This is an itemized list services which you can provide to your insurance carrier for reimbursement of out of network costs.  

Below is a break down of the types of appointments and their costs: 

--Initial online visit:

This is for your first appointment only.  It is a 30 minute session and includes an evaluation, treatment plan, and a prescription for your medication (if applicable).  

Cost: $149 (Average psychiatrist visit is $400~$500)

-- Follow Up Visits: 

After your initial visit, you will be asked to return for a follow up video visit to discuss your treatment plan, medication levels, and make any adjustments necessary to your treatment plan. This appointment typically lasts 15 minutes.  Follow up appointments continue to occur until you and the provider are comfortable with the medication treatment plan you are on.  

Cost: $59

--Refill* Only Appts: 

Refill only appointments occur after your treatment plan is stabilized and established with a provider, and this type of appointment does not require any meeting time with the provider whatsoever. It simply issues a refill for your medication at the current level.  

Refill request: $25

--Things to be aware of: 

If a change to your medication levels are required, expect your next meeting to be a follow up in order to discuss those changes.  

For questions related to medication costs, please see "What's the cost for my medication".  

For reimbursement of your appointment costs, please write to info@klarityadhd.com to request a superbill of your services. 

*Refill only visits may not be available in all states.