An initial online visit with our provider usually will give you a one-month medication prescription. Starting from the second month, your provider will refill your prescription and constantly monitor your dosage and changes of conditions.

The refill request is $25 per prescription(usually for a one-month dosage); if the provider needs to have a follow-up visit with you the cost is $59 per visit, and we'll waive the refill fees of that month for you.

Remember, you don't need to sign up for any subscription and you can leave Klarity anytime you want.

The long-term treatment plan includes:

1) Monthly Online Refills

In general, a provider prescribes and refills your ADHD medication on a 30 days basis. You can pick it up from your preferred local pharmacy at your refill date.

2) On-Going Care

You'll receive access to your secure client portal where you can easily message your provider, get your questions answered instantly, and receive related documents. Your provider will follow up with you periodically to get an update on your health and optimize your treatment if necessary.

3) Customer Service & Care Coordination Access

You may converse with a customer service or care coordination team member for any concerns, including appointment scheduling, insurance support, pharmacy issues and etc. We will do our best to make the entire experience smooth and worry-free.

4) Cancel Anytime or Switch Provider

You may cancel the membership anytime. If you would like to switch providers, our care coordination team will help you to transit your profile securely and smoothly.