To Unlock your Easy & One-stop Care at Klarity:

1) Click "Get Started", after answering several simple questions, you will unlock your treatment package.

2) Choose your provider and online visit time. You will receive a confirmation email with an in-take form attached.

3) Finish the in-take form and attend your initial online visit through a secured private channel. Your provider will review your situation, check your symptoms, send you the evaluation report and start your first-month treatment right after your visit (if diagnosed).

4) If medication is included in your treatment, it will be sent to your local pharmacy right after your visit. You can use your insurance when picking up your meds.

5) Typically, you will see your provider for short online visits once a month for the first couple of months as you and your provider work on tailoring your treatment plan for your specific needs. Once your treatment plan is optimized your provider will review options with you of spreading out the check-ins to every 3-4 months. 

6) If a prescription renewal is due while you are between provider visits, your provider will send you a request form and get your medication refilled.